SIII Advantage


With local telcos slimming data bundle with phone plans and charging extra S$2+ /gb, having radio on phone is great. Saves me 50megs a day. Or 1.5 gb a month.

Widgets are great for quick updates glances, phone controls, etc.

Big screen is great for reading pages.

Otg (32gb), sd card (64gb) and 16 gb internal storage is more like unlimited storage.

My favorite feature in all android phone is that they are pc-less phones.

File/music/video/photo copy/beam/sync is so easy. I just works.

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I have been thinking about blogging regularly, but with amout of work, home chores and everything in between, idea just gets lost. Then again veing lazy me us not easy.

Anyway if I can write quick posts from phone, may be it might just work. It could be as short as a Tweet or G+ update.
If I can get a decent 1 entry per week, I would be happy though.

I read a lot about programming, mobile platforms, etc., so I can comment about those here. I have no monetization objective behind this at the moment and don’t have any plan in long term future.