JDK – No Install Needed

I don’t like the whole concept of installers for my development tools like JDK, Eclipse, Netbeans, etc. I just keep a batch/shell script to setup my environment variables for JAVA_HOME, PATH and aliases.

So, on Windows, updating JDK involves installing new version of JDK and then copying what I need and then uninstall it. I don’t like those registry entries and files installed in C:\Windows\System32, etc.

Recently I read a stackoverflow entry that gave some insight on JDK packaging. So I wrote a small batch script to do it all. Only quirk is that, there is a small difference in Pre 7.0 packaging from the 7.0 and above, so for now I need to keep 2 scripts. Scripts need 7z, that is a free tool and could be downloaded from here.

These scripts can be run as:


And now on to the actual the code:


साल कैसा रहा यारों?

फिर कोई पत्ता पेड़ से झड़ गया यारों,
कौनसा फर्क किसी को पड़ गया यारों।

नौकरानी को तनख्वाह कम क्या मिली,
“अंकल सैम”हम से उखड़ गया यारों।

इस बाजू पाकिस्तान क्या कम था?
जो आज चीन उस बाजू से चढ़ गया यारों।

वो अनाज जो किसान ने ही उगाया था,
वो उसी की आस में भूखों मर गया यारों।

जो भीतर रखा उसे सियासी चूहे खा गए,
जो बाहर था वो बारिश में सड़ गया यारों।

रोटी न दी,सरकार ने”रोटी की गारंटी” दी,
पेट पिचक के तब तक सिकुड़ गया यारों।

“देश की माँ”किस कदर परेशान हो गयी,
जब “पप्पू”इम्तिहान में पिछड़ गया यारों।

“टोपी वाला”भी अजब फितरत का निकला,
जिसके कंधे पे बैठा,उसीसे लड़ गया यारों।

गायों को कटने से बचाने की फुर्सत किसे?
मुल्क “गे” रक्षा के लिए झगड़ गया यारों।

हुकूमत तो “दामाद”का सूट सजाती रही,
यहाँ वतन का पायजामा उधड़ गया यारों।

शहीदों की बरसी पे सन्नाटा पसरा रहा वहाँ,
वतन”सनी लियोन”के शो में उमड़ गया यारों।

सियासत के मेले में इस कदर भीड़-भाड़ थी,
“आप”का लोकपाल उनसे बिछड़ गया यारों।

“हाथ”ने थाम लिया कसके,चने का झाड़,
“आप”सा कोई “झाड़ू”लेके चढ़ गया यारो।

ज़िक्र “निर्भया”का जब भी कहीं भी हुआ,
“गाफ़िल”शर्म से ज़मीं में गड़ गया यारों।

मैं पुरानी बातों पे अभी भी अटका हूँ यहाँ,
मुल्क सब छोड़,कब का आगे बढ़ गया यारों।

Google App Engine & Maven – Works For Me

Googel App Engine + Maven

Google has released its App Engine SDK on Maven central as a zip. But its very large and causes a “Error 503 backend read error“. So, after a lot of head-banging I resolved this by adding SDK zip package (Yes! one from website) and a few jars (optional), to maven. Skip to end for the commands. You may have to modify these for a newer version.

tl;dr Skip to End

Idea to Accident

I created a simple maven project for some usual “help a friend” work. It worked well, so I thought “Why not publish sources on GitHub?”. After a few cycles, it looked ok, so I though I will push is to Google App Engine.

And,  the nightmare began. I added following plugin and dependency in pom.xml  based on official documentation.

Just to be safe, I downloaded latest GAE SDK (1.8.8), Eclipse Plugin, etc. As per documentation, I tried to start dev server with following command:

After a long list of downloads, build failed. Bang! The trouble started. Got this:

This was unusual. So I tried again. Its maven central server not an “under-the-desk-server”. But same no change. I tried to download zip manually, just to be sure that artifact is indeed there. Damn it! I got same error, just a little more fancy looking though!

Google App Engine : Maven SDK Download Error

In directory index (here), I saw that this file was a large (150+MB). So, now what? I did deploy the application after testing on Tomcat 7. I used simple appcfg.sh command.

But, this was not a “cool” way. Maven is my project management tool, and I should use it as much as possible.

 Accident to Revival

After googling, reading, googling, reading and googling, I stumbled upon an old blog that added 1.2 version of SDK to maven using install:install-file  goal. Eureka! Why not do this with SDK zip? Thats it. Here are the commands


Install SDK zip via following command.

Optional JAR install


Project :   Source | Live

Google App Engine: Maven | Dowloads