JDK – No Install Needed

I don’t like the whole concept of installers for my development tools like JDK, Eclipse, Netbeans, etc. I just keep a batch/shell script to setup my environment variables for JAVA_HOME, PATH and aliases.

So, on Windows, updating JDK involves installing new version of JDK and then copying what I need and then uninstall it. I don’t like those registry entries and files installed in C:\Windows\System32, etc.

Recently I read a stackoverflow entry that gave some insight on JDK packaging. So I wrote a small batch script to do it all. Only quirk is that, there is a small difference in Pre 7.0 packaging from the 7.0 and above, so for now I need to keep 2 scripts. Scripts need 7z, that is a free tool and could be downloaded from here.

These scripts can be run as:


And now on to the actual the code:


Google App Engine & Maven – Works For Me

Googel App Engine + Maven

Google has released its App Engine SDK on Maven central as a zip. But its very large and causes a “Error 503 backend read error“. So, after a lot of head-banging I resolved this by adding SDK zip package (Yes! one from website) and a few jars (optional), to maven. Skip to end for the commands. You may have to modify these for a newer version.

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Idea to Accident

I created a simple maven project for some usual “help a friend” work. It worked well, so I thought “Why not publish sources on GitHub?”. After a few cycles, it looked ok, so I though I will push is to Google App Engine.

And,  the nightmare began. I added following plugin and dependency in pom.xml  based on official documentation.

Just to be safe, I downloaded latest GAE SDK (1.8.8), Eclipse Plugin, etc. As per documentation, I tried to start dev server with following command:

After a long list of downloads, build failed. Bang! The trouble started. Got this:

This was unusual. So I tried again. Its maven central server not an “under-the-desk-server”. But same no change. I tried to download zip manually, just to be sure that artifact is indeed there. Damn it! I got same error, just a little more fancy looking though!

Google App Engine : Maven SDK Download Error

In directory index (here), I saw that this file was a large (150+MB). So, now what? I did deploy the application after testing on Tomcat 7. I used simple appcfg.sh command.

But, this was not a “cool” way. Maven is my project management tool, and I should use it as much as possible.

 Accident to Revival

After googling, reading, googling, reading and googling, I stumbled upon an old blog that added 1.2 version of SDK to maven using install:install-file  goal. Eureka! Why not do this with SDK zip? Thats it. Here are the commands


Install SDK zip via following command.

Optional JAR install


Project :   Source | Live

Google App Engine: Maven | Dowloads